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Just found this awesome little site:


It's got a name genertor, plot generator and a thing where it gives you a prompt and times you! Lots of fun for writer's block, or just for a distraction.

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As to the why, it's in the introduction, but I wrote this and thought it might be of interest. It deals with Aliens and scientific plausability.

Unscientific Aliens!

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Publish-This.com is an interactive website with the goal of giving Authors the opportunity to get their work in front of the people that matter.

Our website has undergone some vital changes to bring you a free, efficient and more personalised service.

Authors are able to submit their work quickly and easily, whilst Publishers and Agents are able to browse these submissions with equal ease in their hunt for new talent.

How Our Site Works: in a Nutshell
You, the author, sign up for a free account. You are able to submit your work. Once you have filled out the submission form, your submission will be listed under New Titles and will be available for publishers and agents to browse.

You may also submit your work specifically to a number of featured publishers and agents that wish to receive email. There is information available on these publishers and agents, allowing you to know what they are looking for and increase your chances of success. And we look forward to seeing you succeed.

For more information visit us at www.publish-this.com or contact us at info@publish-this.com
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Those of you interested in writing (ESPECIALLY FANTASY) might find this weeks useful, as there is an article on page 65> which looks at the genre. Especially handy is the interviews with five authors of the genre, each giving their own experience of a specific aspect from which I've managed to gather some useful hints and tips. The magazine itself is good for Sci Fi lovers as well.
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Nightwatch Trailer
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Okay people, Challenge 01 is now officially closed. I know we still have some stories awaiting arrival, but as it is the first time I'll go easy on you *Hides voodoo dolls while no one is looking*

The entries that we have recieved are as follow

Closure By sageharper

Untitled Resteraunt Story By satan_pingu

Subject 07 By lil_banik_slave

Untitled Stone Knight Story By clever_hobbit

On the Appalachian Trail By auntiemeesh

The Things Adults Do By thetman


Thanks for taking part guys. Hope you all had a good time writing and reading. Looking forward to seeing the other entries as and when they arrive :-D
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Before i post it, a big apology for being so late. This is my first challange, and i changed ideas half-way through becuase the origional was getting rediculously long. But still, on with the fiction!

challange partner was:

Your Name
Sage Harper
Chosen genre
Err just general misc stuff.
Favourite TV Show / film / book / etc (this is just to give people an idea of what you are into)
Alias, MASH, black comedies in general, modern classic novels (e.g On the road, catcher in the rye)
Restrictions (such as 'no slash please' or something)
Nothing too weird and fantasy ish. Can cope with some, but only if it could happen in this known universe.
Otherwise am up for anything
Maximum rating
Meh I don't mind

and finally, the story...

The Things Adults Do (1'707 words)Collapse )
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Emperor: Harkonen Collection
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Tomorrow is the last day of the Original Fiction Challenge. Some of the stories are already in (not entirely sure how that happened, but never mind) but could the remainder please try and get your stories in as soon as possible either tomorrow or Monday. Final closing date will be midnight monday GMT (which should allow for all available timezones).

So exciting :-D

After that I will make a special post with all the stories listed and a poll.

Good luck :-D

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This was written for ansostuff, who gave the following information:

chosen genre: I write hobbits and h/c, angst, drama, fluff - almost anything really
Favourite TV Show / film / book / etc (this is just to give people an idea of what you are into): Lord of the Rings, Lost (but ònly write Lotr)
Restrictions (such as 'no slash please' or something) Not slash or explicit violence
Maximum rating: 18

On the Appalachian TrailCollapse )
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Challenge from:

Your Name / LJ User name: satan_pingu
chosen genre: Anything really
Favourite TV Show/film/book/etc: (TV) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Farscape, Dr Who, Coupling, Yes (Prime)Minister; (books) Leave it to Psmith, Princess Bride, Thirty-nine Steps, etc.
No restrictions

This was a bit rushed as I'm leaving for Munich tomorrow and I won't be back until after the deadline. It's very short, G-rated. I don't think it's very good.

The Stone KnightCollapse )
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Okay this is for neutron_liar who asked for

Your Name / LJ User name: ALexander/ neutron_liar
chosen genre: Sci/fi, fantasy, horror, most things really
Favourite TV Show / film / book / etc (this is just to give people an idea of what you are into) atm... black books/ big lebowski/ A scanner Darkly
Restrictions (such as 'no slash please' or something) none
Maximum rating: ...i find it hard not to say 'f**k' every other sentence..

Sadely I didn't know any of the books and films, although I looked up the film trailer for A Scanner Darkly and that gave me an idea (Big Lebowski looks good as well). So I went for a straight, if slightly cliche, Sci Fi horror. Hope this is okay for you Alexander.

"Subject 07"
Genre - Horror / Sci/Fi
Rating - 15 (Gore, som strong language)
Summary - Rambling thoughts of a rat in a maze.

Subect 07Collapse )
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